Wednesday, August 30, 2006

by nature or nurture, we tend not to be "joiners." one friend wiser than we recently recommended that we stop belittling ourselves for not joining more groups and to be loud and proud weavers, weaving together the ideals that work for us from the various groups we check out.

however, make no mistake that by choosing not to own a car and therefore curb the whims to hop in and drive when the mood strikes (as it inevitably will) is our way of joining the peace movement. choosing to find new ways to be less dependent on oil is our way of joining with parents who want their kids home and out of war. it is our way of joining with back-to-the-landers who work to reincorporate locally and mindfully produced agriculture into our societies. it is our way of joining with other likeminds who say: we can do better, simply because it feels better.

Monday, August 28, 2006


if you put up a fete within a rock's throw of the Green Machine 1, we're pretty much a sure thing. we like to get out and about; ain't no lack of four wheels gonna slow us down.

so last night we trekked to the marina for the fourth of four parties given by monsieur hotcakes, Fernando. yes, that's no typo, four soirees.

it was an easy trip down washington but we were left waiting due to the weekend schedule. fortunately we have a new toy. prepare yourself, this blog just went full color. we've got a digital camera and we're not afraid to use it.

if you see a flash and some goofy looking folks posing at a bus stop, you've got a pretty good idea who it be.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

flexcar as magic carpet ....

anyone else out there rented a flexcar and then began manifesting everything they've been asking for?

is the flexcar magic?

or, is it just that we took this leap of faith, tried a little somethin new and the universe is serving up all the tasty morsels are hearts desire? can it really be that simple?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

rockin' downtown

so we bus-stopped into downtown Los Angeles last night to meet our gorgeous friend Pammy for an evening of music and art at MOCA's Night Visions.

yep, the bus to downtown. LA. and ya know what? it was pretty cool. there were people milling about, headed into restaurants, coffeeshops still serving on patios. it was, like, a city.

yeah, sure, there were still homeless folks setting up their cardboard homes for the night. but hey, it's a free country and LA's got that great climate. it is what it is.

but there was, dare we say it, a vibe. a feeling of energy, of happenings. and even though we were headed back to the Double C by 10:30pm, it was obvious that things would still be going down 'til much later.

we left with a promise to return for further investigation into this evolving landscape ...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

We started this blog as part of an eco-challenge to ourselves ... go without a car, see what LA is like from the vantage of a bus, source new ways to get mobile, and at the same time, be a little kinder to mother earth.

Occasionally, and lately frequently, we are shown other reasons why NOT driving so much might be good for our health, too. Our lovely pal Lori and her little mustang were recently rammed by a giant F-150. Fortunately, she's physically fine; the same cannot be said for the 'stang.

Then, over lunch, you read a story like Rick Rielly's piece in Sports Illustrated, and tears well up so quickly there is simply no way to stop them.

Here's a link to the article.
And, before you drive, please take some time to buckle up and envision a safe journey for all!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Schtuff for Safe and Savvy Sojourns

1. Handiwipes: Typically the seats and handrails on the buses and trains we've taken are far cleaner than the baskets and shopping carts at our local Ralph's. Still, occasionally, you’ll happen upon a substance that you simply don’t want to continue with on your hands.

2. Change: Duh. Though, if you’re going to use the Metro, a monthly EZ Pass ($52 per month) or all-day pass ($3) are better options (versus chucking in quarters each time). However, if you have extra change, you will be very popular with other less prepared passengers who only have singles.

3. Kleenexes: Public transportation is no time to touch eyes, nose or mouth at any time. Nuh uh.

4. Face Spritz: Waiting for the bus can leave you in the sun and exposed to exhaust, so it’s handy to have a small spritzer to freshen and refresh.

5. Reading Material: Helps the time at the bus stop pass more quickly (you’d be surprised how long five minutes seems when you’re waiting). And, prevents the unconscious stare at the occasional rider-as-human-oddity accompanying you on your journey.

6. Patience: Ha, ha. Well, we try.

7. A Bag: The perfect yoga mat bag for the bus...done. The search for a general tote-all continues. Backpacks smack other passengers in the face when you try to sit down. Suggestions and comments welcome!

8. Flashlight, whistle or some other talisman: While it's probably safer waiting for the bus than walking to your car in a dark, deserted parking lot, you should still carry something that helps you feel certain in your safety. Krav Maga training is useful, too.

See you 'round town!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

welcome to socal ...








(followed by some other stuff that belongs on a tooooootally different blog ;)

Friday, August 11, 2006

our crystal ball for public transpo

if you are contemplating utilizing the bus for trips around town, there are tricks to be learned. one of the best is SoCal Metro's Trip Planner. it's like Mapquest, only accurate.

you just pop in the starting locale, where ya wanna go, date, time, yadda yadda ... and bing, bam, you've got a trip planned.

race ya to downtown!

Trip Planner link

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


When we let folks know that our primary form of transportation around town is the bus, they consistently pause and then say “Aren’t there, like, crazy people on the bus?”

And, yes, you do witness the occasional turrets breakdown or hear discussions with invisible friends on the bus. Once there was a man in his late fifties who sounded like he might have been the inspiration for Beavis with a continuous loop of Buck, Buck Man, Flash Gordon, Buck, Buck, OK Buck, take over Buck, Buck Wheat, yeh, yeh, yeh, Buck, you’re in for it now Buck, Buck, Flash Gordon, Buck, OK Buck, yeh, yeh, yeh …

However, look around while you’re driving. Think about that slack jawed person, staring off into space, next to you on the freeway. Or the guy with veins popping out of his forehead as he wheels his monster truck in a fury through traffic, whizzing past yellow lights and tailgating. Or the woman, on her cell phone, gesticulating wildly with lipstick in the free hand, looking as if she’s been hungry for most of her life, driving (is that really the word?) a super-sized SUV on a neighborhood side street at a ridiculous rate of speed.

Our final analysis of crazy on the bus: Not enough.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Looking for the coolest clime in H’wood?

As west-siders, we know we are blessed with a cooling breeze and very temperate days. And while our in-town pals have better proximity to hip stores, splendid eateries and other urban delights, they do get the hot hots over there.

There’s an easy way to refresh: head to Barnsdall Art Park on Hollywood Blvd for an evening performance of Shakespeare. And while no jacket is required, you’ll still wanna bring one ‘cuz Hamlet and the gang perform under the stars and among the sweet breezes. You’ll also get spectacular city views, especially at dusk as twinkly lights peep on across the hills. Bring a picnic and settle in for a great evening.

Of course, another option is to take a little stroll north on Vermont and tuck in to Figaro Bistrot (as we did last night … the cooling Kir Caraffe and Parmentier Vegan are highly recommended, mmmmmmmm). If you’ve still got some time to kill there are a plethora of swell shops. Our personal fave is Skylight Books (our wanderlust mingling over tomes made us a bit late for good Will).

Coincidentally, those civic-minded folks at Flexcar are sponsors of this summer’s Shakespeare. They’ve got a promotion running called the Hollywood 100; the first 100 Hollywoodians signing up for a Flexcar membership get a special deal. The promo isn’t on their web site but we got the DL from Margaret, Flexcar’s LA rep.

Yes, we took the bus … the 333 to the 206 works quite nicely!

Link it up and get going!
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Barnsdall Art Park

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Flexcar LA Specials!

Skylight Books
Figaro Bistrot