Tuesday, October 24, 2006

things to do without a car:

1. walk by Kirby's Pet Store on your way home from the Farmer's Market and exit with a new bundle of fluff & sass

2. throw a "cracklin" duraflame on the fire and watch Batman Begins with your pals, lolo and po

3. join your significant other on the walk home from work in the quiet of the late, late night

4. hop the bus to see Jack in 3D (with new & improved Roy Orbison styled glasses)

5. watch a meth junkie tweak and twitch on the bus as she multitasks and begs for quarters

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Not our favorite city.
  • Smoke
  • Ridiculous airport
  • Are-you-kidding-me taxi lines
  • Non-stop noise
  • Sensory confusion and overload
  • The general smell of ass near the slot machines
We recently discovered that you can do Vegas and avoid some of the nonsense.
Item 1: Flexcar
$100 roundtrip, including gas, insurance and any maintenance.
No line, no early check-in and wait.

Item 2: Don't fuck around
Go directly from your hotel room to dinner. Vegas has upped the ante on stellar restaurants. One of our faves is Craft. The room is much too large but the somehow the service team makes it fun and the sides are amazing.

Item 3: Stick with people you dig
Head back to your room with wine and champagne. Spend time talking with people you love. You get to talk in your normal voice; you aren’t jostled, or hurried. The smells are up to you.

To quote the ubiquitous credit card ad: priceless.